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General info on flu A vs B:


Review of systems questions

Funny medical articles

  • Phenotypic differences between male physicians, surgeons, and film stars: comparative study BMJ 2006; 333 doi:
  • Isaacs D, Fitzgerald D. Seven alternatives to evidence-based medicine. BMJ 1999;319:1618.FREE Full TextGoogle Scholar
  • The unsuccessful self-treatment of writer’s block.

Basic Financial Literacy

The little book that (still) beats the market

The Rule of 72 –

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Rishi is an MD-PhD Student at USC Keck School of Medicine. He is interested in developing mathematical tools to drive clinical decision making. His current research interests include applying techniques from bayesian statistics, 3D graphics, and bioinformatics to study tumor heterogeneity and microenvironment. In his free time, Rishi enjoys playing the guitar, drinking chai, doing yoga, playing judo, and reading widely about science and innovation.

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