Local Blocks

Here are some basic dose calculations. Lidocaine and bupivicaine are amides. They have a lower chance of causing an allergic reaction than esters (procaine). Lidocaine 1%, lasts 1 h I weight about 75 kg. So, the most lidocaine (1%) I should use is: 75kg * 5mg/kg  * 1 mL / 10 mg = 37 mL…Read more

Ways to improve the CERNER EMR

There are a lot of reasons why ppl hate EMRs. I hope to collect some of the biggest problems and work with the IT department to streamline whatever views can be streamlined to improve charting efficiency and accuracy. In turn, I expect this to reduce burnout amongst residents, attendings, and medical students (who unfortunately lose…Read more

Electrolyte Repletion

Potassium (always check Mg and replete PRIOR to repleting K. Low Mg can worsen K losses) Goal serum potassium level: ∼ 4.0 mEq/L Expected increase in serum potassium levels: ∼ 0.1 mEq/L after an IV dose of 10 mEq Use caution with repletion in patients with impaired renal function. Oral uptake can be improved by…Read more