Local Blocks

Nerve blocks. I’m a fan. Lido works great. But the other options are very helpful for local blocks after surgery. Here are some basic calculations. The two blocks I use the most are lido and bupivacaine. These are AmIdes. The things I don’t use (cocaine, procaine, tetracaine) are esters.   Lidocaine 1%, lasts 1 h…Read moreRead more

Carotid Stenosis

Roadster II trial (Stroke, 2020). CEA is the traditional operation for carotid stenosis (symptomatic and >50%, or asymptomatic > 80%). However, starting in 2009, endovascular approaches entered the scene (Fig 1 from JAMA). These were performed using a transfemoral approach. Note that stenting was not a slam dunk. Even though it is less invasive, patients…Read moreRead more