Local Blocks

Nerve blocks. I’m a fan. Lido works great. But the other options are very helpful for local blocks after surgery. Here are some basic calculations. The two blocks I use the most are lido and bupivacaine. These are AmIdes. The things I don’t use (cocaine, procaine, tetracaine) are esters.   Lidocaine 1%, lasts 1 h…Read moreRead more

Carotid Stenosis

Roadster II trial (Stroke, 2020). CEA is the traditional operation for carotid stenosis (symptomatic and >50%, or asymptomatic > 80%). However, starting in 2009, endovascular approaches entered the scene (Fig 1 from JAMA). These were performed using a transfemoral approach. Note that stenting was not a slam dunk. Even though it is less invasive, patients…Read moreRead more

Short reads for ACS

Rib Fractures – why elderly need more intensive care: http://www.emdocs.net/rib-fractures-elderly/ Cocaine and STEMI: http://www.emdocs.net/ecg-pointers-cocaine-and-st-elevation/

Ways to improve the CERNER EMR

There are a lot of reasons why ppl hate EMRs. I hope to collect some of the biggest problems and work with the IT department to streamline whatever views can be streamlined to improve charting efficiency and accuracy. In turn, I expect this to reduce burnout amongst residents, attendings, and medical students (who unfortunately lose…Read moreRead more

Electrolyte Repletion

Potassium (always check Mg and replete PRIOR to repleting K. Low Mg can worsen K losses) Goal serum potassium level: ∼ 4.0 mEq/L Expected increase in serum potassium levels: ∼ 0.1 mEq/L after an IV dose of 10 mEq Use caution with repletion in patients with impaired renal function. Oral uptake can be improved by…Read moreRead more

Best advice for being a good 3rd year med student / how to get honors in 3rd yr

Best advice re: how to be a good medical student. This is absolutely what I wish they told ppl going into 3rd year. It’s copied directly from a reddit post by “LUIS DE FUNES” so that if reddit goes down this advice will still be preserved (redditpostlink) I got H in all clerkships, and can…Read moreRead more

Notes for a medical student interested in surgery

Notes for an MS1-2-3 interested in surgery My advice: print this out and check things off as you do them. Also, these are rough notes I mostly type on my phone, so they’re not going to be pretty/tgramatical/typos will exist. Stress management/Mindset vids. Success in 3rd year I think is actually largely based on staying…Read moreRead more


Upper Extremity