1 punch kill

San Soo li oo – One punch bleeding kill there is a korean word for this that I learned once, when I was a kid impossible, I thought. an urban legend the stuff of kung fu movies, or not..? Enter blunt cardiac injury not quite bleeding, but shocking literally turning the beating heart into a shivering mess that hums…Read more

Local Blocks

Here are some basic dose calculations. Lidocaine and bupivicaine are amides. They have a lower chance of causing an allergic reaction than esters (procaine). Lidocaine 1%, lasts 1 h I weight about 75 kg. So, the most lidocaine (1%) I should use is: 75kg * 5mg/kg  * 1 mL / 10 mg = 37 mL…Read more

Ways to improve the CERNER EMR

There are a lot of reasons why ppl hate EMRs. I hope to collect some of the biggest problems and work with the IT department to streamline whatever views can be streamlined to improve charting efficiency and accuracy. In turn, I expect this to reduce burnout amongst residents, attendings, and medical students (who unfortunately lose…Read more