Short reads for ACS

Rib Fractures – why elderly need more intensive care: Cocaine and STEMI:

Ways to improve the CERNER EMR

There are a lot of reasons why ppl hate EMRs. I hope to collect some of the biggest problems and work with the IT department to streamline whatever views can be streamlined to improve charting efficiency and accuracy. In turn, I expect this to reduce burnout amongst residents, attendings, and medical students (who unfortunately lose…Read moreRead more

Best advice for being a good 3rd year med student / how to get honors in 3rd yr

Best advice re: how to be a good medical student. This is absolutely what I wish they told ppl going into 3rd year. It’s copied directly from a reddit post by “LUIS DE FUNES” so that if reddit goes down this advice will still be preserved (redditpostlink) I got H in all clerkships, and can…Read moreRead more

Notes for a medical student interested in surgery

Notes for an MS1-2-3 interested in surgery My advice: print this out and check things off as you do them. Also, these are rough notes I mostly type on my phone, so they’re not going to be pretty/tgramatical/typos will exist. Stress management/Mindset vids. Success in 3rd year I think is actually largely based on staying…Read moreRead more


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